League of Legends Patch 10.3 competitive tier list

Most top laners in high elo League of Legends don’t expect to stroll into lane and get hit in the face with a banana. After all, top lane is supposed to be the dominion of the tentacle-wielding priestess and a big dude with an ax that can make you bleed.

But over the last few patches, players have discovered that Soraka is a secretly OP top lane pick. She’s even being picked with success in professional games. Riot is planning on handing her a big nerf at some point, but that won’t happen in Patch 10.3. So if you’re a fan of free LP while slinging bananas, eat your heart out.

To find out just how good of a pick she is, we turned to the data scientists at Mobalytics and their tier list for high elo play. For more insights from their experts, check out the Mobalytics League tier list. Mobalytics also provides builds and counters for all League champions.

Top lane

Soraka is still a strong, unconventional beast in the top lane, at least until her nerfs come out. She does have some hard counters if picked blind, but in the right matchups, she can just wave clear until level six and then influence the entire map with her ultimate.

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