League of Legends: All-Female Team Vaevictis Removed from LCL due to Poor Performance

Vaevictis have just been dropped from the LCL due to an “unacceptable level of competitiveness” when compared to other teams.

When they formed, Vaevictis became the only all-female roster in a major League of Legends region.

The team won’t continue to play in the 2020 League Continental League (LCL) Spring Split due to an “unacceptable level of competitiveness” when compared to other teams in the LCL. CrowCrowd will replace the side for 2020.

When the roster was first introduced to the LCL it faced criticism from other teams in the league from the off. Both Rox and Vega Squadron received warnings from Riot Games Russia for gender discrimination and lack of sportsmanship. One example was a side banning out five support champions against Vaevictis, which led to action from Riot Russia.

Vaevictis failed to win a single game in 2019, ending the year with 14 losses. While Riot has removed them from the LCL, the side is able to compete in the Open Cup for another chance to join the LCL next year.

At the end of 2019, Vaevictis seemed positive for 2020: “Thank you to organizers for the opportunity to play with other women ‘s teams! According to the girls, everything was organized at the highest level and perhaps we will take part in the following similar events. Now we have to wait for the beginning of the next split.”

Team CrowCrowd, the team chosen to replace Vaevictis is owned by former player Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeev. The side had competed in semi-professional tournaments before finally now being given a shot at the LCL.

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