LaNm joins Team Sirius as their new coach

Having switched between coaching and playing roles for two
years, Zhang ‘LaNm’ Zhicheng now seems to be solidly part of the coaching staff
as he moves from Keen Gaming to Team Sirius.

Zhang ‘LaNm’ Zhicheng is one of those Chinese Dota 2 players that nearly everyone in the community knows of, having played the game since the very beginning and making a name for himself alongside some of the best. From time with the original EHOME, Team DK, Vici Gaming and even Royal Never Give Up at the most recent iteration of The International, LaNm has definitely made his presence known in multiple Chinese rosters. In the last three years, the player has also taken on coaching roles with some of these teams and ever since his departure from RNG after TI9, he has been coaching Keen Gaming. However, now he seems to be moving to another roster.

Confirmed by the above post made via the Sirius Weibo
account, LaNm has joined the squad in the coaching role. The post states that an
amicable negotiation was held between KG and Sirius and led to LaNM joining the
latter squad. The post goes on to talk about the new coaches’ years of
experience in the game followed by a welcoming message from the team’s managers.

While Sirius are not involved in any events currently, we
are sure that they are now busy preparing for the next set of qualifiers which
will take place in February 2020. We will be closely watching this team to see
if the addition of such a highly rated individual can push them into their
first DPC event of 2020 in the coming months.

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