Kyle interview at the Bukovel Minor: “The thing I love about esports is that for the vast majority, everyone cares”

The WePlay! Bukovel Minor is entering the playoffs stage, and so far, it delivered exactly what it promised, a winter tale to be told over and over again.

We took the opportunity to talk to Kyle Freedman about how this event is different from all other tournaments he got to work for, how he spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve, what is his resolution for 2020, and of course, we couldn’t let him go without giving us a prediction for who will take the Minor title. 


Hi Kyle, here we are in a winter scenery, re-living the Christmas days at the Bukovel Minor, so let’s start this interview by asking you how did you spend the holidays.

I was invited to go to Thailand with a couple of friends to do like a Christmas-New Year’s Eve boat tour, which probably would have been a ton of fun, but I chose to spend the holidays at home and hang around with family. I left from the One Invitational event in Singapore at 8 AM on the 23rd of December and I got home at 2 AM on Christmas eve, after about 30 hours of travel. It was totally worth. I got to see my four younger brothers, a bunch of my cousins, some family friends. 

It was a really good time, I like that sort of activity and I need to do more of it. That’s what I learned from last year, that you need to chill more. I’m the kind of person who needs to do stuff all the time, and I inevitably burn myself out. 

What’s your resolution for 2020?

I got to go to the gym. I don’t have health insurance because, you know, USA, so I went to Taiwan after TI to do this whole medical check-up. By the way, Taiwan, Taipei specifically, has some of the best medical care in the world. So, the doctor, after three hours of tests and such, was like, “yup, everything is fine, but you need to lose some weight and stop drinking so much”, which I could have told myself without being a doctor. 

Let’s talk about Bukovel, how do you enjoy the ski resort so far?

I haven’t seen snow in a decade. It is so cold! But, as long as you are properly dressed, it’s perfectly fine. I got a great coat that I found at a store for 10 bucks and I have a hat with a little fluff ball on top. 

Did you have the time to go on the slopes or do any winter-related activities?

I was afraid to go skiing or anything like that. I went to the Christmas market and we are going to ice skating sometime these days.  I and Rich plan to go drive one of those big ATVs offroad, we actually want to do a race. That might actually get us killed, but at least we won’t be hurt.

photo credits: WePlay! Esports

Before you go do that, tell us your first impressions on how is WePlay! doing at their first Dota 2 LAN and the first Dota Pro Circuit tournament.

Oh, they do great. The thing I love about esports is that for the vast majority, everyone cares. The people that got into this, like anyone in esports above the age of 25, especially those over 30, when they started this, they’ve done it for nothing. We did this because we love it and we wanted to build something, and you feel that passion when you get to work these events.  Here, it’s special, you can tell that everyone you interact with really gives a f**k.

We are taken care of super well, we get a wardrobe, we have people like actually asking for feedback, we feel like we have a hand in trying to make the event even better. You know, we care too, we want to be more than just gentle blocks that you put into a position and say “ok, talk now”, “ok, stop”, “this guy now.” It’s just been great, we’re in a ski resort, I’m up on a mountain right now, I’m not going to complain.

photo credits: WePlay! Esports

I know some players might want to complain about the 7.23f patch, they don’t care about the mountain, they care about their heroes. Do you find this last patch really that impactful?

Nah, it’s minor nerfs. I’ll tell you something: people would have complained if there wasn’t any patch, the same as people complain if there is a patch. If they had done like map and big mechanics changes, then yeah, maybe I would have had an issue with that. But just tweaking and nerfing a bit the really overpowered heroes, I have no problem with. I can’t believe they didn’t touch Slark, but hey, that’s how it goes. 

Who do you think will win this Minor?

RNG. I watched them play and they looked phenomenal. I think the Super change to position 5 is very similar to Fata-, where both have incredible similar playstyle as a mid, the methodical DK, Viper, Razer, they are not flashy, they are just solid, they have tons of experience, history of success, Super even more so than Fata-.

It looks like the game going right now is about to finish and you have to be back on the broadcast, thanks a lot for talking to us, if you have anything to add at the end of our interview, please do.

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