Kings Canyon to return, World’s Edge to receive map changes in season 4 of Apex Legends

The most iconic map in Apex Legends, Kings Canyon, is set to return in season four, while the newest map, World’s Edge, will receive further updates throughout the next season, Respawn Entertainment announced today in an Apex devstream. 

But these two maps won’t be available at the same time. Instead, Respawn has divided the two into splits. The first split will begin on Feb. 3 and conclude on March 23, featuring World’s Edge with several map changes. The second split will begin a day after the first split concludes on March 24 and will end on May 5, near the conclusion of season four. This split will feature the return of Kings Canyon. 

This will last for the duration of the season four battle pass. Midway through the season, all ranks will be reset, like normal. 

Players will enjoy new features on World’s Edge because the map is set to undergo several changes before the first split begins, similar to Kings Canyon in previous seasons. Leading up to season four, one developer revealed that there would be “big” map changes coming to World’s Edge. “We’re not done with World’s Edge yet,” another developer said. 

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