Killjoy's Alarmbot can open teleporters from the outside in VALORANT

You aren’t supposed to be in here.

A VALORANT player recently discovered Killjoy’s alarm bot can open the teleporter doors from the outside on Bind, preventing enemy rotations entirely if used correctly. 

Killjoy must deploy her Alarmbot in a specific spot along the wall that will open the door. This allows players to enter the teleporter, which is not normally possible unless teleporting from the other area. 

One player could wait inside the teleporter and watch for rotations from the other site while their team plants the spike. Enemies likely won’t expect players inside the teleporter, and the strategy may result in a few easy kills. Enemies can still hear the teleporter door opening, however, and probably catch on to the strategy after a few rounds. 

Exiting the teleporter also activates an audio queue, which means players leaving will have to be careful if enemies have moved into the area. Working with teammates when exiting can negate this issue, but avoid using the strategy repeatedly.

Killjoy is one of the most effective agents in VALORANT when it comes to holding sites. Her Alarmbot and Nanoswarms can prevent or stall enemies from planting or entering the area and buy time for her teammates to rotate. The new tactic that opens the teleporter door can confuse and surprise enemies and help win essential rounds. 

Cypher’s spycam was previously able to open the teleporters from the outside, but this was eventually patched. Killjoy’s Alarmbot opening the doors is a similar bug, and Riot Games will likely remove it in a future update. 

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