Just Error not found on the Division 1 playoffs at EPIC League

EPIC League’s Play-in stage was on the cards for today and
we saw some absolutely amazing action from all eight teams involved, with some brilliant
endings and the victors all making their way into the main event playoffs.

Although the entire day from the EPIC League play-in stage
would see all the games ending in just two of the three games played, with
emphatic wins all-round, it was not without some huge turnarounds, brilliant plays,
and intense moments. On the positive side of things, the losing teams would not
be eliminated, but rather just find themselves playing in Division 2’s playoff

Kicking off things today we witnessed Team Liquid and Spider
Pigzs going head-to-head and there were no real surprises by the end of the
series. Liquid did not hesitate to dismantle and destroy their opponents, claiming
a total of 80 kills over the two games, which barely lasted over an hour in
total. While things were pretty standard, the next series was one which shocked
everyone as Team Nigma and Gambit Esports were next to face-off.

Nigma were able to take a fairly simple victory in game one,
with Amer “Miracle-“ Al-Barkawi on an unconventional Riki and Aliwi “w33” Omar
ripping through his opponents with a Death Prophet. The biggest shock came in
game two when Gambit were able to absolutely destroy Nigma, having a huge lead
of nearly 30,000 net worth and having only given up 10 kills in the 45-minutes.
But, Nigma made one of the sneakiest and best plays we have ever seen – with w33’s
Leshrac actually securing the victory with his post-death Diabloic Edict burning
down the Ancient.

OG were able to take an easy win over Live to Win at the
same time as the above was going on, which led us on to the final series of the
day – the one on everyone’s tongues, the rematch between Just Error and Yellow
Submarine. Looking for revenge after they were unceremoniously knocked down into
Division 2 by Just Error, a team who had some of the best players in their
ranks, YeS played nearly perfectly.

While Just Error had a great start to game two, after losing
the first, there was absolutely nothing they could do withstand the middle game
onslaught from YeS, who quickly turned things around and secured the series for

With that, four teams would move on to the playoff stage of
EPIC League Division 1; Yellow Submarine, OG, Team Liquid and Team Nigma.
Unfortunately for Just Error, Live to Win, Gambit Esports and Spider Pigzs they
would have to settle for Division 2.

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