Juked to be official streaming portal for DreamHack Anaheim

With DreamHack Anaheim coming up this weekend in California, there’s going to be plenty of gaming taking place. If you can’t witness it in person, DreamHack’s newest collaboration with Juked will have you covered. The major event organizer announced today that all of Anaheim’s events would be streamed in one place through Juked’s platform.

Juked’s role in Anaheim

Anaheim is set to be jam-packed with tournaments across several different esports. This includes CSGO, Hearthstone, Halo, and various fighting games like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V. As such, this could be overwhelming for a fan sitting at home trying to keep their eye on everything. However, this is where Juked comes in.

The San Francisco-based startup is collaborating with DreamHack to provide one streaming destination for everything happening at the event. According to Juked’s official blog, this includes “every live stream, event schedule, brackets/standings, VODs, and more”. In the blog, co-founder Ben “FishStix” Goldhaber describes what excites the fresh-faced company about being a part of DreamHack.

I’ve attended more than a dozen DreamHack events and have loved every single one of them. The format of having so many different esports games and tournaments to follow, all at once, is one that fits our vision as Juked to a T. This is more than a normal esports tournament, it’s a celebration of esports culture itself.

The new kid on the block


We’re partnering up with @JukedGG to let you watch all the esports in one place, check what games are coming up, and have the VoD’s for easy watching! 

More info 


Announcement time!

We are ecstatic to announce that we have partnered with @DreamHack to build the *official* streaming destination for DreamHack Anaheim! #DHANA20

Read more about why this rules in our blog: 

Although the company is still in its early stages, Juked’s presence points further towards the growing industry of esports streaming. In a market currently dominated by major platforms like Twitch and Mixer (owned by mega-corporations Amazon and Microsoft, respectively), Juked presents a newcomer. However, the company intends to be an aggregate sports tool rather than a sole streaming platform. The company refers to itself as “the TV guide” of esports.

Earlier this month, Juked managed to raise $800,000 USD in pre-seed funding. With this funding, the company intends to speed up the platform’s development. This will include incorporating features like scores, stats, and news aggregation, while also beginning monetization.

Will you be tuning in to Juked for this weekend’s events? Let us know in the comments; otherwise, keep following Daily Esports for all your esports updates.

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