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Ninteen-year-old Jamppi will not continue to play CS:GO for Ence, which ends his 10-month tenure with the team according to a report by Ilta-Sanomat.

Why is Jamppi Leaving

Since AleksiB’s departure back in September of 2019, Ence’s results have been declining. Jamppi was an upcoming star player in 2019 and was nearly signed to OG before a VAC ban ruined his future. According to Jamppi, he bought the account and shared it with his friend during his teenage years. That account was later linked to Jamppi, causing him to be unable to compete in any Valve sponsored events. He attempted to file a lawsuit against the corporation, but Finnish Law showed no wrongdoing by Valve and the court denied his requests. This is not the first time a player has been signed with a VAC ban. The former iBuyPower lineup all have VAC bans, except Skadoodle, but are able to play in non-Valve events.

With Jamppi forcing Ence to have a six-man lineup at all times, the inevitable break-up of the roster was on the horizon. Towards the last few months of the year, the team fell apart. First, xseveN signed with Havu, marking the end of the six-man roster. Next, Aerial stepped down for medical reasons followed by sergej leaving the team to join the army.

Now, according to Ilta-Sanomat, Jamppi is likely to switch to Riot’s Valorant if he does not receive any offers. The switch makes sense. Other VAC banned players, such as swag, have switched and found great success. While a VAC ban stops Jamppi from playing official Counter-Strike tournaments, the ban does not carry over to Valorant.

The future for Ence

As for Ence, DBLTAP has reported that the organization are looking to add Snappi and TMB. If either Snappi or TMB joins, Ence will have signed a non-Finnish player for the first time. For the fifth man, SADDYX has just been sold from SJ to an unknown team, which is likely to be Ence. Allu remains as the only man from the original team that placed second at the Katowice Major in 2019.

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