Is Wukong overpowered after his rework?

Wukong’s rework that was shipped to the League of Legends live servers recently looks great so far. In fact, it looks so good that the Monkey King is close to being overpowered. 

Wukong fell out of favor due to the number of bad matchups he has and a loss of agency during the later stages of the game. He was most viable with a lethality, assassin type build, which not many people enjoy playing. His only goal was to get a good flank on a carry and try to blow them up since he couldn’t deal with any of the frontline champions.

While the current top lane tier list doesn’t feature Wukong as a high free Elo pick, this might change soon once we gather more data from the live servers.

Why Wukong required a rework

Wukong’s most popular build path was an assassin one where you went in, tried to get a kill, and then died. His kit left no room for error, so if you went for a bruiser type build, your damage wouldn’t be that high. The assassin path was the only way. This created a non-interactive gameplay style with Wukong trying to pick up some farm in the top lane then roaming around for kills and abandoning his lane due to a plethora of bad matchups.

His abilities also felt outdated when compared to Sett and Ornn. His old kit didn’t synergize well with the assassin role in which he found some comfort.

As a result, summoners turned toward more interactive champions that wouldn’t become useless if they lost their lane, which was the case for most Wukong games. He was just not a good laner anymore after all the reworks and updates for other champions.

Reworked kit

Wukong’s updated kit looks amazing. It feels much smoother to play and has more decision-making incorporated into it. 

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