Invictus Gaming win 136-kill series against Rogue Warriors with backdoor

China’s LPL never disappoints fans looking for some intense action, and the match between Invictus Gaming and Rogue Warriors brought the heat earlier today. The teams traded wins to start, but the former League of Legends world champions would take the series 2-1.

After two unexpectedly balanced games, all would be decided on the third game after RW tied the series. For the third time in a row, RW won the early game by setting up risky dives and ganks that surprised the 2018 world champion team.

Despite leading the game by many more kills, Invictus Gaming still maintained a narrow gold gap. They decided to stay aggressive despite being a little behind and took Baron at 30 minutes, which allowed them to turn the game around.

Blood continued to be spilled on the Rift one relentless fight after another, and IG began to lose patience. They failed twice to push the Nexus by dying under turret. While Rogue Warriors headed to the Baron Nashor, they tried one last time with only two RW players to defend the Nexus.

Rogue Warriors pushed them away again, but all the turrets had been destroyed. IG support Su “SouthWing” Zhi-Lin then decided to use his ultimate to take botlaner Ding “Puff” Wang with him behind the Nexus, operating a backdoor. They destroyed it and won the 58-kill game by surprising their opponent.

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