Introducing Hoodwink, the new hero of Dota 2 patch 7.28

With the advent of Dota 2 patch 7.28, along with the plethora of changes comes a new hero: Hoodwink! Valve had only mentioned that the hero is female, but no details had been provided till today. Well, the gaps have been finally filled and we have amongst ourselves a new ranged agility hero, who possess the traits of a nuker, escapist and disabler in the form of a Ferret, or so one would guess. The last two agility heroes to be introduced to the game were Monkey King and Pangolier, both of whom are melee. Arc Warden was the most recent ranged agility hero, so it has been a while since we saw one.

Though the complete description of skills with damage and cooldowns included hasn’t been released yet, the skill descriptions have been revealed. Let’s see what we can make of them. The conclusions drawn from these descriptions may not be exacltly similar to what we may see from the real hero!

(1) Acorn Shot

Acorn shot is a slow with AoE damage, which is similar to Grimstroke’s Stroke of Fate. While that travel’s in a straight line, Acorn Shot bounces around like Paralyzing Cask.

(2) Bushwhack

Bushwhack seems like a combination of Meepo’s Earthbind near trees. The damage and vision reduction make it a powerful spell, especially if catches multiple heroes in a team fight. An entire team caught near the trees with a Reverse Polarity followed by Bushwhack can lead to a catastrophe.

(3) Scurry

The trigger condition for Scurry hasn’t been revelead, but a good guess is either a right click or any damage Hoodwink might take, which makes the hero a slippery one. How slippery? That will depend on the percentage chace Scurry has to evade the damage and what cooldown it will have.

(4) Sharpshooter

Considering that ‘enemy Hero’ has been mentioned and not heroes, Sharpshooter is most probably a single target ability. The break effect makes this hero a natural counter towards heroes like Bristleback and Spectre, who depend a lot on their passive(s) for tankiness and survival.

While there is a lot to speculate and actually experience, from the looks of it, the hero will serve as a mid or offlaner (position 2 or position 3). Her love for trees makes her seem like a natural ally for Windranger and Treant Protector, with whom she can for good lane partnerships and maybe even Nature’s Prophet. More will be revealed when the hero is available for play in the game and VPEsports will have the updates ready.

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