Hungrybox calls on Nintendo to support Super Smash Bros. competitive scene

Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma won Smash Summit 9 today, but instead of talking about his performance in the tournament during his winner’s speech, he spent his time asking organizations to sponsor players and calling out Nintendo directly. 

He didn’t do it in a way that was meant to offend anyone from the Super Smash Bros. developer, instead he said what’s on the mind of almost every Smash player that has ever tried to turn the game into a career. He simply asked the company to support the competitive scene. 

Nintendo has never been a company interested in the competitive aspects of its titles, going as far as to openly comment that it was not going to be putting more resources into esports when it comes to the games it puts out. The company is more focused on opening its games up to the widest possible audience regardless of experience, which means it’s leaving Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate, and even smaller scenes like Splatoon 2 out to dry. 

Hbox knew that he was taking a stab at something the community as a whole had been trying to do for nearly two decades, but he wanted to make another appeal to Nintendo on the back of an incredible event that had just wrapped up. 

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