How to watch MTG Theros: Beyond Death before it releases

Leading up to the release of Magic’s new set, Theros: Beyond Death, there are three events that will give players an early peek at Limited and Constructed gameplay.  

Set to release digitally on Jan. 16 and officially on Jan. 24, Magic: The Gathering has several streaming events before the launch of Theros: Beyond Death (THB). Two of these events will take place this coming weekend and the third airs on Twitch the day before THB releases digitally on MTG Arena and Magic Online

LoadingReadyRun on Twitter

The first PPR of 2020, Theros: Beyond Death is just two short weeks away and behold your competitors! Welcome @Theasianavenger, @coL_AliasV, @NissaCosplay and our first returning #WotCStaff, @MelissaDeTora! January 10th, 11AM PST #Sponsored #LRRTHD

LoadingReadyRun is hosting a pre-prelease event featuring AliasV, The Asian Avenger, and MTG game designer Melissa DeTora. The party begins at 10am CT on Friday, Jan. 10. This is the first opportunity to witness THB gameplay prior to its release and can be viewed via Twitch here. 

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