How Battlestate made Escape from Tarkov one of Twitch's top games

Battlestate’s Escape from Tarkov has taken off as one of the top influencer-driven pieces of content on Twitch to start 2020. Although the game was given a boost by its in-game loot drop event with Twitch, their success is about more than just one event. 

Tarkov’s growth on Twitch has been a long time coming. It was born out of Battlestate’s attempts to connect with its player base by fostering relationships with endemic content creators and keeping a close eye on streams as well as social media.

Battlestate head of global PR Dmitri Ogorodnikov told Dot Esports that media plays a significant role in the way Battlestate does its business. The developer pays close attention to streamers as well as all social media, ranging from Reddit and Twitter to Facebook and Instagram. 

Streams are particularly useful.

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