Here are all the changes included in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Jan. 11 update

Infinity Ward has released patch notes for the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, addressing various glitches, bugs, and gameplay improvements. 

If you’ve played Ground War on the map Karst River Quarry during the last two weeks, you have most likely encountered a cheater exploiting various glitches around the map that allows them to clip into walls and avoid taking damage while still shoot other players. Thankfully for fans of the game, however, Infinity Ward has fixed the glitched spots, and Ground War can return to its naturally chaotic meta.

Infinity Ward on Twitter

A small patch is now rolling out across all platforms! Patch notes can be found on our website and on our Trello board. Click the link for details! #ModernWarfare

Another issue causing headaches for players was the bug that would not allow the “Mark 25 enemies Using the Recon Drone” challenge to be completed. Regardless of how many times an enemy was marked, the challenge failed to track properly and would never progress. 

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