Hearthstone dev answers questions about balancing Pirates, Hunter, and Priest

Hearthstone players could debate the game’s balancing issues until the cows come home.

Whenever a new expansion is released, players are quick to vent their frustrations on the forums. Though any message board can play host to rude people unwilling to contribute to the discussion, things on the Hearthstone forums are civil for the most part. One huge benefit to Blizzard’s official forums is the possibility that a game dev can join the discussion at any moment.

That’s exactly what happened recently when Hearthstone developer August Dean Ayala chimed in on a few posts to give his thoughts on balancing Warrior, Priest, and Hunter. On one of the posts that Ayala chimed in on, players were discussing the necessity of the nerf to Ancharrr. The card is a Warrior Weapon that’s a mainstay in Pirate decks for the class and it recently had its durability reduced from three to two.

Some players felt Ancharrr didn’t need a nerf because Pirate Warrior is much less common than Galakrond Warrior. Other players argued that the nerf was deserved due to the deck’s stellar win rate early in the expansion.

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