GTA 6 to reportedly feature a female protagonist for the first time

The hype surrounding a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 has died down in recent months due to a sheer lack of knowledge. Rockstar Games is being extremely tight-lipped about such a project and not releasing any information to the public. However, we do know a sixth game is still a ways off, as GTA V continues to receive updates. While that might be disappointing to eager fans, a new leak does offer a look inside what a GTA 6 could bring to the table. According to one insider, the game will feature both a male and female protagonist for the first time in the series’ history.

Female protagonist reportedly included in GTA 6

In every past GTA title, female characters haven’t played a huge role. For the most part, they’re small-time characters that don’t take up too much screen time and aren’t important to the story. However, as a new generation is introduced, it appears Rockstar is changing up that formula.

Tom Henderson, a reputable gaming insider, has reported that the next GTA title will include a female protagonist. The game will also supposedly include the standard male protagonist as well.

Upon hearing this news, fans were unsurprisingly excited to finally learn something about GTA 6. Although, some fans did have a few questions as to how this will work. Will Rockstar keep the same formula from GTA 5 and include several playable characters that can be switched? Or will this be more like an RPG-style system where the player chooses the gender for their character?

At this point, nothing, including the leak, is set in stone. A supposed GTA 6 is still a long way away and any leak that surfaces must be met with skepticism. Although, the possibility of seeing a female protagonist does look strong.

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