Gears Esports announces Mexico City and Texas Majors

Gears Esports, the esports branch of Gears of War, has today announced the two next Gears Esports Majors of the competitive season: the Mexico City Major and the Texas Major.

Both competitions will take place in the first half of 2020.

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The Gears of War competitive calendar for the 2019-2020 season is split into four ‘Quarters’: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each Quarter ends with a major international event, culminating in the World Championship in July 2020.

The Fall Quarter came to a close earlier today, after Team Reciprocity came from behind to win the San Diego Major and a third of the tournament’s $240,000 prize pool.

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The Mexico City Major will mark the end of the Winter Quarter and will be held at the World Trade Center Mexico City on the 6th-8th of March next year.

The Texas Major will take place at the Esports Stadium Arlington on the 8th-10th of May, and will round off the Spring Quarter.

More information is set to follow on the esports section of the Gears of War website.

Esports Insider says: With all three Majors this season set to take place in North America, the focus market for Gears of War developers The Coalition is clear. The destination of the Texas Major also provides another validation for the creation of the Esports Stadium Arlington, which cost a hefty $10 million (£7.89m) to build.

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