Gangplank player gets a spicy quadra kill with 3-barrel combo in League of Legends

A League of Legends player posted an explosive quadra kill on Reddit today, using the lovable pirate to wreak havoc. The quick-thinking top laner was able to execute the perfect combo with some top-tier mechanics while saving his team’s inhibitor.

Juicy GP Combo

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The enemy team used a pick on the ally jungler and AD carry to push their advantage, storming the front gates of the player’s base. After taking out a mid-lane turret, the adversaries were slowly chipping away at the inhibitor. But the Saltwater Scourge had other plans in mind.

As soon as the player respawned, they ran directly at the four weathered opponents without looking back. Using Gangplank’s Powder Keg (E), the player began by placing two barrels in succession in front of the enemy squad. The player then shot the first barrel with Parrrley (Q) to begin the fireworks but threw out a third explosive barrel in the middle of their victims simultaneously.

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