Galarian Darmanitan banned from Smogon's competitive Pokémon OU tier

Unlike with what happened previously where Dynamaxing was banned from most of the Smogon and Pokémon Showdown competitive scene, Galarian Darmanitan was voted on over a very short time period and is now unable to be used in the OU tier. 

Fans shouldn’t be too surprised at the ban considering the high-usage rate and extremely favorable results that the current meta shows for Galarian Dramanitan, but the fact that this was done through a quick-ban is still a little odd. 

Normally, when a Pokémon is brought up in a discussion that involves a competitive ban or new tier, it will be put into a suspect testing period. That basically means that players can test that Pokémon and see how it performs in the opposite tiers, helping provide the overseeing council that is making the ultimate vote with more data to base their decision on. 

In this case, Galarian Darmanitan received no suspect test and was instead banned outright through a vote by Smogon’s OU council. That means players can no longer use Galarian Darmanitan on any Sword and Shield competitive ladder outside of Ubers. 

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