G2 jump into second in R6 Pro League after long-awaited rematch with forZe

It wasn’t too long ago that forZe broke into the R6 esports scene in blazing fashion, but G2 Esports have consistently kept the new Russian squad from gaining ground. 

G2’s 7-4 win over forZe today speaks loudly to where the team is at despite their loss to Team Vitality in matchday two. If G2 continue on this track, season 11 may be the return to form that fans have been anticipating.

After Team Empire paved the way for Russian-based teams in the Pro League, forZe arrived on the scene ahead of the Six Major Raleigh 2019. ForZe impressed nearly everyone with their performance during the international LAN’s group stage, where they despatched both DarkZero Esports and FaZe Clan. Both FaZe and DarkZero remain two of the best teams in all of R6 esports, making forZe’s Raleigh wins quite impressive. Following up those two wins with a victory against Giants Gaming during the quarterfinals, forZe quickly gained favor with broadcasters. 

After a fantastic entry at the Six Major Raleigh, G2 stepped in to give the new Russian squad a good hazing. Before the team’s match with forZe, G2’s often outspoken Fabian Hallsten said that every team that had previously fallen to forZe, “played literally fucking shit.” Luckily for G2 fans, Fabian and G2 were able to back up those words by handing forZe a decisive loss. 

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