Fortnite set to release Winter-themed Black Widow skin for Super Series

The Marvel Knockout Super Series is Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4’s latest competitive circuit. Only utilizing the Marvel Knockout LTMs, this competitive tournament offers free skins as a reward. Luckily for players, a win isn’t required to receive the skins. Instead, you only need to place in the top few hundred spots within your region. The past two tournaments have centered around Daredevil and Ghost Rider with the next one currently unknown. At least, it’s unknown officially. A new leak has surfaced, though, that suggests Black Widow could be next-in-line.

Black Widow the next Marvel skin to arrive in Fortnite?

On November 4, the Ghost Rider skin was made available in the Marvel Knockout Super Series. That was the last iteration of the tournament, with the next one scheduled for later this week. According to leaks, the new tournament will center around the popular Avenger, Black Widow.

Black Widow’s previous bundle arrived in Fortnite in April 2019. Image via Epic Games

The combat-oriented hero has already had a skin in Fortnite. In April of last year, Black Widow and other superheroes received their own skins as a part of the Avengers crossover event. However, it appears Epic Games has another design idea for Black Widow. According to dataminer @iFireMonkey, the hero will be the next Super Series reward.

The leaker states the tournament will take place on November 11 and feature a Duos format. Also, the skin will be of the winter variety, as the code name for it is “Snow Suit.” Along with the new version, a bundle will arrive in the Item Shop which could feature a pickaxe, glider, back bling, etc.

Epic Games could be singling Black Widow out due to her new movie hitting theaters on May 7, 2021. Even if this isn’t the reason, she’s still one of the only Marvel heroes to receive two separate skins.

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