Former Triumph Support Halo Joins Boston Uprising

While the Boston Uprising were consistently ranked near the bottom of most analysts’ team rankings prior to the start of the Overwatch League’s third season, breakout plays by up-and-comers like Mouffin and “Scary” Jerry have reinvigorated the fan base of a team once thought to have squandered its season before it even started. This week, the Boston Uprising announced that a new player will be joining its roster⁠— a main support player, Halo.

As has been the trend with the Uprising’s roster building philosophy, Halo isn’t a household name (insofar as any Overwatch pro could ever be, anyway) but has the potential to be a key member of the Uprising. Famously, to those keeping track of the business side of the team, Boston takes a “buy low, sell high” approach to signing players. Much of its roster is built from talent scouted from teams not necessarily placing high in tournaments, but who may still have a large individual impact on their team’s play.

The flip side of this philosophy is that players don’t stick around on the Uprising for long. Gamsu and Striker were key parts of the team’s undefeated stage during the league’s first season, and are now stars on the teams to which they were sold. This year saw the return of Fusions, Colourhex and Axxiom (who was benched for most of last year’s season) to the team alongside an otherwise entirely new roster of players.

Among those was Munchkin, whose signing did not follow the team’s general scouting philosophy. He, rather, came to the team from the Seoul Dynasty. Just before Halo’s signing was confirmed, however, the team announced the departure of Munchkin from its roster. He has since been signed to Lucky Future, alongside other one-time Overwatch League players Daco, Nus and Gido.

Halo previously competed in North American Contenders as part of Triumph. There he led his team to placing fifth in the 2020’s Season 1. Main support player Swimmer has been a serviceable and at-times solid member of the Boston Uprising, so Halo’s stage time is contingent upon a high level of play. Whether he starts alongside Jerry and co., or simply joins the team’s bench reserves, the Uprising appear to be strengthening their roster in hopes of surprising many an analyst who had them ranked last.

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