Forge is Apex Legends' season 4 character

The gloves are off for Apex Legends‘ season four. Respawn Entertainment announced in its developer livestream today that the bruiser Forge is the next character to join the fray.

Game writer Tom Casiello defined the legend as a “brawler” and “the exact opposite of Crypto.” In the Apex universe, he’s a former MMA champion who wanted to conquer the Apex Games as an added challenge. He’s also the first legend to be sponsored by a corporation. Forge’s endeavors will be paid for by Hammond Robotics, a company in Apex‘s sister franchise, Titanfall. The enterprise may also be behind some of the map changes that will hit World’s Edge in season four.

The developer stream kept the secrecy on some of Forge’s kit, but well-known data miner That1MiningGuy compiled the information he found in the game files in a video.

Forge is defined as an Augmented Brawler and will have a melee-oriented kit according to That1MiningGuy. The data-mined information points at the character having a “short-range grapple that pulls enemies into you and can be used to launch enemies into the air.” Forge can start combos from an airborne stance and slam down into the ground to deal damage to enemies below him. The information also points toward survivability skills triggered by melee attacks, such as health restoration and a new mechanic called “overshield.” It’s unclear if all these skills will make their way into the final version of the legend.

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