FNCS champion squad embarrasses FaZe Dubs and Megga with double trap kill

The winning squad of the Fortnite Championship Series chapter 2, season 1 from NA East displayed their skill by pulling off an impressive elimination against two of the biggest FaZe Clan stars.

UnknownxArmy, Vanguard KEZ, Ronaldo, and Avery began that match of yesterday’s finals with UnknownxArmy amping up his team saying they were “born to play this game” and “born with the gamer gene.”

But as usual in most Fortnite pro matches, the start of their game was slow. The team took their time to collect materials and find suitable loadouts in and around Slurpy Swamps. Eventually, the squad worked their way towards Sweaty Sands with the circle closing in around 21 different players.

With all the teams being so close, players began to tunnel their way to safety as they tried to defend themselves against incoming fire.

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