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Just early this morning, the London Spitfire took a new coaching talent for 2021. The London Overwatch League team has signed Danish head coach Mads “fischer” Jehg, formerly of British Hurricane. After a long career as a player, this former DPS decided to move onto coaching towards the end of 2020. His results since becoming head coach of the Hurricane have been amazing. This great run led Fischer to join the Spitfire as an assistant coach. Fans were wondering when he’d join the league as a player, but he got in quickly as a coach.

Fischer’s past

To start, Fischer has been playing competitively since late 2015. That means he’s been playing competitively essentially since the game’s release. While a lot of the league played for fun, Fischer had his first team in November of 2015. Along his journey since then, he’s played for many great contenders teams. This includes Cloud9 EU, GGEA, Team Envy, and HSL esports. Of course, a lot of his popularity came out of playing for Denmark at the World Cup. He was instrumental on their team, helping them upset teams such as Canada and the Netherlands. Even after a great performance there, he still couldn’t get into the Overwatch League. Fischer announced his retirement at the start of 2020.

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However, near the end of the year, he came back — this time, as a coach. After joining the Spitfire’s contenders team, Fischer became head coach almost immediately. During this time, the Hurricane continued their reign of terror over other European contenders teams. Even with a loss to Obey Alliance in November, the Hurricane were dominating. This came to fruition when they won the European Gauntlet. Even after losing to the NA team American Tornado in a showmatch afterward, it was clear the team was great. Fans have been speculating how much of this roster would become the Spitfire next season, but as of now, it’s just Fischer.

Fischer and the Spitfire’s future

As mentioned, it’s very likely that this current British Hurricane squad will be the 2021 Spitfire. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but all signs point to this. We don’t know whether this means veterans will be added, or the team will stay as is. Either way, taking a whole contenders team in the off-season and making them an Overwatch League team has worked before. This was the case with RunAway and the original Vancouver Titans. If the Spitfire can move their contenders team over to the league that well, London will look scary for 2021. If none of this happens, the signing of Fischer still makes sense. A European head coach, former player, fan-favorite — time to finally see him in the league.

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