FaZe Clan Will Enter Rocket League Competition After Peeps Purchase

Today, via a promotional “interruption” of the Verizon 5G Ultra Cup Rocket League Competition stream, FaZe Clan announced its entry into the Rocket League competitive space with the acquisition of The Peeps, a North American team. With FaZe’s entry into Rocket League, it now fields nine competitive teams in esports competition. 

FaZe’s Clan will now see The Peeps represent the organization after becoming the social media darling of the league, whose hashtag #PickUpThePeeps was taken up as a rallying cry by its fans to find a representative organization for the teams. The Peeps, originally started in 2018,  is the reformation of the former Pittsburgh Knights roster that was released by the organization in 2020.

In celebration of FaZe’s acquisition and first entry into Rocket League, the organization is releasing two limited-edition hoodies “paying homage” to The Peeps while commemorating the team becoming official members of FaZe Clan. They will be available to purchase at the FaZe Clan website until Sunday, March 21.

The Peeps currently sit in 5th place in the North American RLCS circuit after finishing 4th in the North American RLCS X Winter Major.

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