FaZe Clan take home $250,000 after winning ECS Season 4

FaZe Clan left Cancun both the happiest team and $250,000 (£186,000) better off after they were crowned the champions of Season 4 of ECS

The CS:GO competition saw three days of play at The Hard Rock hotel in Cancun, with FaZe seeing off mousesports in a dramatic grand finale. 

The Season 4 finals also saw FACEIT partner with YouTube to introduce Loot Drops filled with FACEIT points. These were to reward viewers for watching the livestreams on YouTube Gaming. The finals saw over 15 million redeemable FACEIT points awarded to viewers in these Loot Drops.

Michele Attisani, Chief Business Officer and Co-Founder of FACEIT commented: “Cancun has proved a fantastic location for the season 4 finals, the players have all had an amazing time and this is evident in the extremely high standard of play we’ve seen over the weekend.

“We want to thank everybody that tuned in for the finals and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back for season 5 in June when we return to Wembley.”

Esports Insider says: Congratulations to FaZe Clan for winning what must have been one of the more enjoyable esports events to take part in when not in front of a screen. A few days in Cancun and $250,000 doesn’t sound bad to us, the location was a decision well made by FACEIT. 

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