Evo Japan 2020’s Smash Ultimate Winner Attains Victory With Olimar (Then Drops His Prize)

Shuton won Evo Japan 2020’s Smash Ultimate tournament in thrilling fashion, only to watch someone on stage drop his prize moments later.

Various fighting games have thriving competitive scenes. However, there is none more fierce and entertaining than the Super Smash Bros. corner of that scene. It has been in place for a while and is so established that some dedicated gamers still play competitively on Melee. It is the best Smash game to date after all.

Well, that might be up for debate for the first time in two decades. The Switch chapter of the franchise, Smash Ultimate is definitely the best Smash game since Melee, and it might even surpass it. Melee was even replaced by Ultimate at Evo 2019. That may have angered some dedicated Melee players, but things have to change, and a better game was inevitably going to come along.

Evo Japan 2020 took place last weekend, and the final was an absolute thriller. Shuton wound up winning the match, and with it the tournament, but it was an incredibly close match. You can check out his amazing exploits in the video below, as he is taken down to his very last life before clinching victory with his chosen fighter, Olimar. Not who we tend to go with, but we’re pretty terrible so who are we to judge?

This year’s prize did not come in the form of cash, which has been criticized by many on the competitive Smash scene. Instead, Shuton was awarded a special edition Switch controller, as previously covered by TheGamer. The controller is a cool shade of black, with a golden Smash logo emblazoned across it. Cool, we guess, but personally, we would have preferred cold, hard cash. We would also have appreciated our grand prize not being dropped moments after it was awarded to us.

That’s right, Shuton’s brand new controller was dropped just seconds after the first chance he had to get his hands on it. He passes it on to someone else on the stage who accidentally allows the prize to drop out of its display case. Everyone on stage panics, then freezes, only to presumably be shown that the controller is just fine out of shot.

Still, after a weekend’s worth of battling for that coveted controller, imagine if someone had come along and broken it right away.

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