Everything we know about Sett, League’s next champion

Christmas came early for League of Legends fans. Not only did players get a second, back-to-back champion release today, they also got their first look at the game’s next juggernaut, Sett.

Riot Games released a short bio for the game’s newest champion today but left many questions unanswered regarding Sett’s release. Although there’s still a lot of unknowns, here’s everything we know about Sett given the trail of clues the League developer has left leading up to the champion’s reveal.

Who is Sett?

With an Ionian vastaya mother and a Noxian human father, Sett became known as the “half-beast boy.” Due to his uncanny origins and his father’s disappearance, Sett fell victim to a childhood of taunts and snide remarks from outsiders. After honing his fighting skills against his oppressors, he turned to the pits in search of his father, a renowned fighter.

Sett learned that his father left the local ring to tour more profitable pits around the world. And in a fit of rage, he vowed to become a better fighter and put his skills to the test, eventually using his force to take control of the pits and those who ran them.

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