EStar promote Young Miracles core to starting LPL roster

Newly-welcomed LPL franchise eStar Gaming has been very quiet about what their 2020 LPL Spring roster will be. For the longest time, the team had only one player signed, bot laner Zhang “Wink” Rui and nobody else. With the start of the season rapidly approaching on Jan. 13, the time for eStar to announce their starting five was running low.

One possibility was that eStar were waiting to sign some high profile free agents, of whom there were many following the off-season shuffle. In the end, the team went for the most logical, cost-effective solution: promote their academy players to starters.

Although technically eStar don’t have their own academy team, LDL organization Young Miracles was founded and led by veteran player Liu “PDD” Mou, who is also one of the major investors in eStar Gaming, easing the promotion of YM’s entire core to eStar. Said core includes top Chen “CJJ” Jia-Jun, bot laner Peng “rat” Qiau-Yu, support Wang “ALU” Zhi-Yi and jungler Yan “WEI” Yang-Wei. EStar have also signed former Flash Wolves support Liu “ShiauC” Chia-Hao, and Royal Club’s top laner Yang “Xiaobai” Zhong-He to substitutes. In the mid lane, eStar will play with another Royal Club member, Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei.

EStar 2020 LPL Spring roster

Top Chen “CJJ” Jia-Jun ang “Xiaobai” Zhong-He
Jungle Yan “WEI” Yang-Wei
Mid Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei
Bot Peng “rat” Qiau-Yu Zhang “Wink” Rui
Support Wang “ALU” Zhi-Yi Liu “ShiauC” Chia-Hao

EStar themselves haven’t made any official announcement, but the contracts of all eight players have been added to Riot’s global contract database.

The LPL newbies have a rough first week ahead of them, and only on their second match ever, they’ll have to play reigning world champions FunPlus Phoenix.

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