Esports Rising 2021 Recap: Team Ninja’s Jessica Blevins – The Esports Observer

Team Ninja manager Jessica Blevins has been partly credited with the success of her husband, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a world-renowned gamer with more than 16M Twitch followers. She’s negotiated multi-million-dollar contracts and worked with brands including Trident, Sour Patch, NordicTrack and Crest. Today at SBJ’s virtual Esports Rising event, she took the industry through their rise and where they go from here, in an interview with TEO’s Kevin Hitt.

How she and Tyler began their business relationship: “He was just a guy that wanted to game and stream. It was like, ‘I don’t want to sit on the computer and respond to emails or get on a phone call.’ So, I said, ‘Listen, how about I start managing you and I’ll take care of all this stuff.’”

Challenges associated with building a global esports brand: “The hardest part is that we’ve been the first. So being the pioneers, there was nobody we could look to for answers on what worked, what was the right thing to do, what we should do. … We started as Ninja being the first and being the ground breaker. And we want to make sure that we keep his brand that way.”

What’s next? “I have many calls every single week with a lot of different production, animation companies. I think people would be shocked and probably will be shocked to see the amount of things that Tyler is going to be getting into in the entertainment space.”

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