Esports Organization North Extends Partnership With Capgemini

North Esports has revealed that it has entered into an extension of the partnership with Capgemini, a French multinational corporation that provides consulting, technology, and outsourcing services.

The two companies originally partnered in April of 2019 with the aim of allowing Capgemini to host initiatives and events to promote esports and recruit new talent.

This partnership comes after North completely rebranded with a new logo and colors. North also switched philosophies stating that it wanted to now show people “why” it should be followed as a respected esports organization as well as hiring a performance coach to help players deal with the stresses of competition.

‍“Our innovative partnership with North has exceeded our expectations. We have been able to actively engage both current and future employees, as well as our customers in the collaboration, which has helped to strengthen our position in the market. As the collaboration with North supports Capgemini’s ambitious plans, we have chosen to extend and intensify our agreement,” says Claus Rydkjær, managing director, Capgemini Denmark.

North believes that the first iteration of the partnership was successful and after another round of negotiations, the partnership has been renewed. 

As part of the renewed deal, Capgemini once again will be featured on North’s new player jerseys in all three esport titles. The two companies will also develop performance data analytics software that will provide insight into North’s esport athletes and create structured training to develop key areas.

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