ESL UK announces voluntary redundancies amidst global restructuring

ESL UK has announced that all of its staff members whose roles were at risk have decided to take voluntary redundancy.

Earlier this month, it was revealed through a leaked internal memo that ESL was making organisational changes on a global scale and ESL UK was under assessment.

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ESL UK will continue all of its existing initiatives including the ESL Premiership, a staple in the company’s offerings in the nation. As per the release, the company “worked carefully with ESL Germany” to keep such projects afloat.

James Dean, CEO of ESL UK discussed the changes in a release: “The ESL UK mission has always been to grow UK esports and we remain 100% committed to that cause. We therefore look forward to returning on January 2nd after the Christmas break when the office will reopen and when we will continue to contribute to the burgeoning UK esports scene.

“I am incredibly proud of the achievements the UK entity has had over the past eight years. We have organised hugely successful events such as the ESL Premiership and ESL One events that both players and fans love.”

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The decision has been confirmed to be part of “ESL’s global restructing plans to streamline operations,” though it’s not reflective of the performance of ESL UK, nor the state of esports in the nation.

Moving forward, UK operations will be supported by ESL employees in both Germany and Poland.

Esports Insider says: It’s always sad to see something like this happen but with ESL UK being perhaps the biggest esports company that UK esports has, it hits a little closer to home for us here at Esports Insider. We hope that everybody who took voluntary redundancy takes it easy over the holidays and finds a new home in 2020.

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