ESL to lays out plan to target crowd interference

ESL has revealed plans to target instances in which crowd noise is ruining the integrity of matches the tournament organizer shared today.

While Michal “CARMAC” Blicharz wants to prevent such things from happening, he doesn’t believe in the addition of a completely soundproof experience for players.

“We fundamentally believe in the chemistry of the players and the audience,” he said in the post to Reddit. “We do not want players to be isolated and unaware of their environment. Quite the opposite. We want players to feel that they’re sitting in front of thousands of enthusiastic people.”

He instead turns to the audience, in which he believes the “core issue lies.” Without removing the live audience experience but also working towards helping the competitive integrity, ESL plans to run “PSA videos and we will talk to them via the stage MC in order to educate them on what we think is appropriate and what isn’t. Cheering before a knife kill, cheering during trigger discipline moments, cheering for things the player shouldn’t be able to see, etc. are moments when the audience waits until the deed is done.”

While there’s no guarantee the problem will never reveal itself again, or even never stop, ESL is willing to try.

“We will try it, see how it works and iterate for future tournaments. Establishing a fan etiquette in any sport is not easy, but I think we can get there,” Blicharz explains.

In addition, he states that should the crowd not follow instructions, ESL will be utilizing Chad “SPUNJ” Burchill’s suggestion of disabling x-ray vision in the arena for 20 minutes per infraction.

“To conclude:

  • We want players to feel what Lionel Messi feels when he scores a goal and booths are counter to that.
  • We want to work with audiences to establish an etiquette of when to cheer and when to remain silent.
  • We will turn off x-ray for any audience that doesn’t abide by our directions.
  • Oh, and we will eject any individual that deserves it.”

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