Epic Games Launches $5M Worldwide Frosty Frenzy Fortnite Tournament

Epic Games announced that it will be promoting the Frosty Frenzy Fortnite Tournament, one of the last to happen in 2020, on Dec. 12-13. The competition has a prize pool of $5M USD and will include nearly  3,000 players around the world, which will be organized in trios when entering the tournament.

As it happened in Epic’s Fortnite $1M Super Cup, the awards will be split into seven regions: The 35 best trios of Europe, the 25 best of North America (NA) – East, the 15 best from NA – West and Brazil, and the top 10 from Oceania, Asia, and Middle East, will get $1.8K USD each. 

The trios from 36th to 400th in Europe, 26th to 250th in NA – East, 16th to 95th in NA – West and Brazil, and 11th to 45th in Oceania, Asia, and Middle East, get $1.2K USD each. Also, the Middle East is the only region in which the tournament started on Friday, Dec. 11.

As the official competitive environment works, any Fortnite player with a regular account can register for the tournament as long as it has enough in-game rank, independently of being part of an esports organization. Also, the Frosty Frenzy games are open to being broadcast on streaming platforms by any other channels outside of Epic’s official ones.

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