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Epic Games has announced the next competitive “season” for Fortnite to follow the Summer Skirmish, appropriately named the Fall Skirmish. The weekly tournaments will span six weeks and feature $10m (£7.6m) in prize money.

The reveal of Fortnite esports began in May as Epic announced it had plans to invest $100m (£74m) in prize money for the first year of competitive Fortnite. At the Pro-Am event at E3 in June, it was announced a Fortnite World Cup would take place in 2019. There have not been further details on that event.

The Summer Skirmish began in July with some minor hitches in its first week as the private server experienced extreme lag issues towards the end of matches where more players stayed alive compared to live server games. The earlier weeks of competition were also invite-only with primarily Fortnite content creators competing. As the weeks went by, competition rules changed week to week and Epic began inviting players that placed high in the Solo Showdown game mode. Despite setbacks, the Skirmish completed with a $1.5m (£1.15m) LAN tournament at PAX West which was completely open to the public with multiple days of qualifiers.

There are no other details relating to the Fall Skirmish such as formatting or prize distribution but considering we’re into September, there should be more announcements coming soon. 

Even before the competitive skirmishes were announced, major organisations like Team SoloMid, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid and Fnatic have all signed rosters of players.

Esports Insider says: Even though the Summer Skirmish began as somewhat of a disaster as the weeks went on you could tell Epic was consistently improving the structure to the best of its capabilities. While the E3 announcement stated that anyone would be able to compete, we hope that’s followed through with as opposed to only allowing prominent names in Fortnite content to compete.

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