DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major playoffs losses

Upper Bracket

Team Secret vs Alliance

Team Secret destroyed Alliance by 2-0 and the final match was a disaster for Alliance. They were heavily out-drafted and none of them were able to tank Secret’s heroes. Monkey King and Dragon Knight countered both cores of Alliance as they didn’t need to run. Whether Bloodseeker uses rupture or Puck uses Dreamcoil, Secret top 2 cores would stand and fight. Bloodseeker was picked after Monkey King so Alliance gave themselves a bad draft. They had the chance to pick Lifestealer or other strong core. On top of 1 bad pick, Alliance last picked Legion Commander as the offlane core against 3 super durable enemy cores. In the post-match interview, Matumbaman said: “there was just nothing Alliance could do” and he was absolutely correct.

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TNC vs Team Liquid

TNC played incredibly well with the heroes they had but they didn’t have a way to stop Enigma’s Blackhole during his BKB. Moreover Liquid was smart enough to give Taiga space to farm otherwise in the late game, a single Blackhole might not have been enough. The biggest mistake by TNC was that they picked Shadow Fiend. Liquid’s Enigma was fourth pick and TNC had the choice of picking a different hero. Armel’s legendary Puck was available, even though it can’t stop Blackhole during a BKB, Puck can at least keep Enigma cornered. Other heroes like Magnus and Silencer were also available. It would have surely been a tough game for Silencer but it is better to have a 1% chance of countering rather than 0%.

Invictus Gaming vs Beastcoast

Beastcoast had a good run throughout the tournament but their experiments and high risks failed in this match. Their draft completely fell apart as they had very little AOE damage and bad counters to the enemy heroes. Their idea to last pick Bane and to play position 1 Doom against a Phantom Lancer was extremely unwise. Phantom Lancer is not a hero whose illusions can be destroyed so easily to give you the correct idea of real Phantom Lancer. If it was Terrorblade then Beastcoast’s draft was still okay but against Phantom Lancer this was a huge strategical mistake. Doom had an amazing farm in the beginning but the moment Phantom Lancer started joining fights, Beastcoast was not able to do anything and they had to surrender.

Evil Geniuses vs Invictus Gaming

IG lost the series by 1-2 but gave an amazing performance. Game 3 was a bad draft as Anti-Mage, Monkey King and Legion Commander together was just too greedy of a choice. They all are right click heroes and they need farm and items to make an impact in the game. Whereas EG had huge nuke damage and only one right click hero. Storm Spirit also needs some space to be impactful but IG’s draft was so greedy that it automatically gave Storm Spirit the chance to play aggressively. Even with this chance, most of the players can’t play so aggressively without feeding, but Abed brought out one of his best performances in which he got 15 kills, 11 assists and only 3 deaths against strong counters such as Bane, Skywrath, Legion Commander and Anti-Mage.

A tip for young players

Most of the matches today were lost because of bad drafts. So the main thing to learn is that hero’s performing well in the meta can’t help you win the game if the enemy has good counters and your team has a bad synergy. So, when you draft you can’t be always correct in terms of synergy and counters but you pick cores that are not greedy and who don’t require a lot of space.

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