Draven, Alistar, and Jax receive League lore updates

As the League of Legends universe continues to expand, Riot Games must occasionally revisit the existing lore of previous champions and update it so that it better fits in with the company’s vision for Runeterra.

The most recent batch of lore updates have arrived for Draven, Alistar, and Jax. Although these champions might seem like random picks for a bio update, they’re more relevant to the current state of League lore than they may seem at first glance.

Draven and Alistar’s stories connect them to the Noxian fighting pits, which is a direct connection to League’s latest champion, Sett, The Boss. Jax’s update is certainly due to the release of his legendary skin, Mecha Kingdoms Jax.

So let’s get into these new short stories.


The Glorious Executioner’s story begins in his childhood, during which he and his brother Darius were orphaned and forced to live out on the streets. Draven possessed a headstrong and combative personality from an early age, which led him to get into deadly scraps. This culminated when Draven tried to kill a Noxian captain named Cyrus, who defeated Draven but was impressed with his fighting spirit and allowed the two young orphans to join the Noxian military.

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