Dota 2: Treasure of Unbound Majesty is here

The new Treasure of Unbound Majesty just dropped, and it’s filled with some awesome sets.

It’s that time of the year again – the New Bloom treasure is here. The Treasure of the Unbound Majesty costs only $2.49 and you can get sets for the following heroes:

  • Drow Ranger
  • Undying
  • Storm Spirit
  • Dazzle
  • Visage
  • Arc Warden
  • Kunkka
  • Dark Willow
  • Rubick

Very Rare

In addition to the sets mentioned above, you can also get three rare sets. The first one is for Puck, the second for Legion Commander, and the extremely rare one – for Templar Assassin.

Apart from purchasing, you can also get this set from the New Bloom reward line. What’s more, there is even stuff like special celebrations, giftable spins, and more.

In other Dota 2 news, slowly and steadily, the second Major of the DPC is coming to an end. Be sure to watch the last couple of days of the Leipzig Major live on Twitch. If you missed out on any of the action, you can catch up with our daily recaps.

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