Dating show, tournaments, and more featured at EGLX

The content lineup has a little bit of everything.

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From Fortnite tournaments to a dating show with TikTok and gaming influencers, Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) 2020 has a show for everyone to enjoy. 

Throughout the week, you can see a mix of Luminosity and other personalities compete against each other, viewers, and other celebrities in a mix of tournaments, headlined by the xQc Among Us invitational on Nov. 13.

The RockyNoHands Call of Duty tournament supporting the Christopher Reeve Foundation already wrapped up, showcasing exclusively Paraplegic players that use the QuadStick in support of a good cause. Along with that, Slay Vs. had various professional athletes, like Darius Slay and Richard Sherman, playing video games and talking about their experiences in sports. 

Gamers Got Talent, a talent show completely made up of viewers and special submissions, will be a highlight of day two, hosted by Anomaly and Papa Anomaly. There is a $5,000 prize pool on the line and only the cream of the crop have been selected to be shown live on Twitch. 

EGLX is also hosting a Fortnite invitational called Zone Wars where seven teams will go up against Luminosity’s Fortnite lineup, Keys, Slackes, and Jampers. That will be followed by the cast of ArcadeCloud’s “The Squad” animation series discussing their favorite episodes and premiering a new episode live. 

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Luminosity’s Allenownz will close out the night hosting The Dating Game, a daring show for participating Tiktok and gaming influencers.

Content creation company Wisecrack is hosting a live panel discussing the significance of Steven E. de Souza’s live-action adaptation of Street Fighter. There will also be multiple instances of the Escapist Magazine and Pocket Gamer showcasing new games, exclusive reveals, and interviews with game developers through EGLX. 

You can watch the shows live or as VODs on the official Luminosity Gaming Twitch channel, or later as they are uploaded to the EGLX YouTube channel.

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