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Many different missions in Cyberpunk 2077 have multiple paths to the end, and “Automatic Love,” the second mission of Act 2 is one such mission. Of course, spoilers ahead for this mission guide, as it reveals what happened in Act 1. So, read at your own risk. However, if you’re stuck on this mission, this guide is here to help you.

Completing Automatic Love in Cyberpunk 2077

Quest Start

For this mission, the game recommends that you be at level 8 or higher, but you can do it earlier for the challenge. You start the mission by giving Judy Alvarez a call or trying to find Evelyn at Lizzie’s Bar. This location, which is where you first met Evelyn, is where you start this mission, but calling Judy ahead of time is optional.

When you get to the bar, the security members out front remember V from last time. If you mention Judy, they will let you in. As the bar is closed, you’ll be able to hear things the workers there wouldn’t normally say. But, go downstairs to where Judy’s office is to find her. You’ll see her in an intense conversation with a worker she brought in. Wait until their conversation ends to talk to Judy.


When speaking to Judy, you can talk about the little argument she just had. It won’t matter for later on in the story — it’s more so like a life path talking point that you can bring up. But, bringing up Evelyn progresses the mission. If you’re cool enough, you can explain the situation a little better. Still, it’s clear that Judy cares for her, and she mentions that she used to work at a place called Clouds. She offers you Evelyn’s cigarette case, which has the address on the back.

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Clouds is a club that is specifically focused on using programs to help their customers both physically and mentally. The workers themselves, for confidentiality reasons, aren’t aware of what happens when they’re with a customer. They’re dolls, filling in the needs of the programs and customers. It turns out that Evelyn was one of these dolls, and she used to work here. As you arrive, you’re told to buy a session with a doll, which you might be able to get some information out of. After paying and jacking into the system, the computer chooses two dolls that seemingly match you.

These two dolls are named Angel and Skye, and you have a choice on which to talk to. Either way, both these dolls mention information regarding Evelyn. They mention a VIP who knows more about it all, which is the next step of the mission.

VIP Area

This is where “Automatic Love” gets a little tricky. There is a bouncer for the VIP area, along with a camera next to him. You have the option to take him out and brute force your way to that area, but patience leads to other options. One is to simply wait for the bouncer to turn his head and sneak past him and the camera. But, if you go to the bathroom to the left of the entrance, some VIP guests might go to relieve themselves. You can knock out or kill one, hide their body, and take their VIP pass to get through the first hurdle.

After that, on your way to booth 11, where Tom resides, you learn that Johnny doesn’t know where Evelyn is either. But, in the back office, Mr. Forrest, also known as Woodman, does. As you discover this, sneak to get to the back office. If you learn the walking paths of the few guards around, you can sneak past or go for silent takedowns. On the way, there are plenty of doors that function as shortcuts to the back office, but they require high ability scores. For example, in this portion, there is a door that requires a level 9 body or level 7 technical ability score.

Woodman’s office

When you get to the office of Woodman, interrogate him to reveal what happened to Evelyn. There are options here to use violence to get your information, but there are also ways to simply talk it out of him. There are consequences for being violent, and if you manage to not be, there is an extra side quest in the future with Woodman.

Now that you know more about Evelyn, you can start the next main quest, called “The Space Between.”

That’s how to complete the Cyberpunk 2077 “Automatic Love” mission. Stay tuned on Daily Esports for more Cyberpunk 2077 quest guides.

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