CoD: WestR Complete 4peat; House Tarth & Renegades Win Challengers Cup #4

Challengers Cup #4 saw WestR continue to dominate, while Europe crowned their first two-time winners.

This weekend’s Challengers Cup saw WestR complete the impossible and win all four events of the season so far. Along with this, Europe saw their first two-time winners while everything returned to normality in APAC with another Renegades win.

North America

North America saw yet another victory from WestR, completing the 4peat and winning every event of the season so far. What may be even more impressive is that the team of PaulEhx, Zapitus, Venom and GRVTY are yet to drop a map in a Grand Finals. Their 3-0 victory against the New York Subliners Academy saw them win their fourth event and continue their flawless streak.


Europe crowned their first two-time winners in House Tarth. The team of Defrag, Afro, Gismo and Weeman took down Connect 4 in the Winners Finals and Grand Finals to secure the victory. This win cements them as the best amateur team in Europe as of now, but with three different winners so far, anything can happen.


APAC returned to normality with another win for Renegades. This was their third of the season, following a slip up at last week’s Challengers Cup. Fighta, Louqa, Pred and Shockz continue to be the best team in APAC and we expect this to continue throughout the season.

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