COD Mobile Season 12 to add new BR class and Operator Skill

The release of COD Mobile Season 12: Going Dark is soon upon us. The developers have stated that the new installment is set to go live “later this week”, which likely means Tuesday, November 10. However, an official release date has not been confirmed as of the time of writing. What has been confirmed is various aspects of the season, like a new map and Operators. Although, even more was teased yesterday, as we saw a sneak peek at the new Refitter class for BR and additional Operator Skills.

New content coming to COD Mobile Season 12

The developers for COD Mobile never seem to disappoint, as they continually add content to the game. While the multiplayer receives a little more attention, the battle royale mode has by no means been left behind. Season 12 will see the introduction of a brand new class, named “Refitter.”

The class comes with two features, being the Armor Pack and Engineer. The Armor Packs allow you to place down a bag and refill you and your teammates’ Armor Plates. Every plate reduces bullet damage from enemies, excluding the head. With Engineer, you’re able to “slowly repair the durability limit of your armor and vehicle.” The two seemingly work in concert and this new class should be pretty popular in Season 12.

In addition to the class, Season 12 is introducing at least one new Operator Skill. The Ballistic Shield, last seen in Black Ops 4, is going to be arriving in multiplayer. The skill allows players to equip a sturdy shield that can take bullet damage and features a built-in machine pistol. While it’s likely to be a toned-down version from BO4, let’s hope the devs made sure to tune it wisely.

We still haven’t officially heard of any new weapons coming in Season 12, but that news should arrive today or tomorrow. Until then, keep up with Daily Esports for all COD Mobile news.

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