COD Mobile has some cracks, or ‘rifts’, in the sky of the battle royale map

COD Mobile has seen large amounts of success since its launch during the fall of this year. The community has grown, and the content has never stopped flowing. With constant updates and new additions, fans are rarely bored playing the game. However, it appears some secret content could be right in front of fans’ eyes.

If you look up at the sky in the COD Mobile battle royale map, you might notice some tiny, blue cracks. Fortnite fans might even recognize them as rifts. Is this something Tencent Games intends to expand upon? Or is it simply a visual glitch?

Rifts appear in the COD Mobile sky

Players first noticed this a couple of days ago, but it’s not clear when the rifts originally appeared in the sky. After all, players don’t normally look up at the sky when playing battle royale unless they’re looking for a supply drop.

But the rifts are there now, and the community is stumped as to what they could mean. Many fans of the battle royale genre will definitely recognize the rifts from Fortnite. Introduced in 2018, Fortnite rifts were a way of getting around the map but have also played a key role in the mode’s story.

Cracks In The Sky 

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However, up to this point, there’s been no mention of any story in COD Mobile. While Tencent could easily develop one, it seems a little too late for that to be the case. So, the only options left are the rifts present some kind of gameplay element or are merely a visual glitch.

Perhaps the rifts will be part of an event and deliver high-tier supply drops. Another theory is the rifts will act as another mode of transportation, like in Fortnite. Either way, developers usually have a meaning for implementing everything they do. So, it seems unlikely the rifts mean nothing whatsoever. Hopefully, we’ll get an answer sooner rather than later.

What do you think these rifts could mean? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all updates on this event and future Call of Duty news.

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