CoD: How to Watch Dallas Empire’s $30K Jack Links Winter Warzone Invitational

Tonight is the first in a series of Warzone tournaments hosted by Dallas Empire, putting up a total prize pool of $150K.

Helicopters have been removed and we can safely resume with high stakes Warzone tournaments. Tonight, we see the Dallas Empire host the first in a series of $30K Warzone invitationals in partnership with Jack Links. Here’s everything you need to know before the tournament gets underway.

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This tournament sees 16 Duos go head to head in a Kill Race format. This means that players will earn points for eliminations, while playing in a double elimination bracket. The Upper Bracket matches will consist of two games, while the lower bracket rounds will be a one and done. Teams win their match by securing the most eliminations.


The full teams are yet to be announced, however we know that streamers such as Tommey, Rated and SuperEvan will be involved. We also expect to see some of the Dallas Empire players, especially Crimsix, who commonly appears in Warzone tournaments.

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Schedule and How to Watch

in play, it will likely last around 5 hours. You can watch on Team Envy’s Twitch Channel, or your favorite competitor will also stream their POV.

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