Cloud9 rebuild reveals HenryG as General Manager; Kassad signed on as head coach

Cloud9 has revealed Henry “HenryG” Greer and Aleksandar “kassad” Trifunović as the General Manager and head coach of their in the works rebuild of their CS:GO division. This news comes just days after HenryG announced his retirement from commentating and the organization revealed plans to transfer their current lineup and restructure their Counter-Strike department.

The news from Cloud9 came in partnership with Dexerto whose Richard Lewis penned the announcement. “My plans for this team are certainly ambitious” Greer told Dexerto.” I wouldn’t be involved in any sort of General Manager role unless I had absolute full control of the roster and direction we plan to head. C9 have entrusted me with their entire CS:GO dynasty and, honestly, I think that’s one of the boldest moves any org has made in a long time. The Cloud9 Brand speaks for itself, it is one of the absolute cornerstones of the esports landscape. I’m aware there is a certain level of expectation going forward now. Failure simply isn’t an option.”

Greer will be helming the organizations fourth rebuild/restructure in only 2.5 years as they’ve tried unsuccessfully up to this point to capture the same results found during ELEAGUE Major Boston championship run. Being crowned the first North American major winners was nice, but they want more.

“Kassad and I are only focused on following our specific blueprint for a world-class CS unit that can challenge for the trophies. I think you’ll all be very excited with what we’ve put together so far,” Greer explained to Dexerto. “We have the resources, staff and connections to create the best possible opportunities for pro CS:GO players, right now.”

In terms of how Kassad feels about the opportunity, he’s ready to get to work the right way. “After just a couple of conversations with Cloud9 and Henry, I realized that we see things the same way. He is super enthusiastic, focused and energetic about this and it really lit the spark that I thought I had lost in the last couple of months,” the Serbian coach said. “Cloud9 is one of the most respectable orgs in esports and we are going to make sure we put in everything we have to build the CSGO team they deserve.”

For the time being the current CS:GO lineup will continue to represent Cloud9 in ESL Pro League Season 12. While the team continues under their brand they’ll be looking to transfer the lineup to another organization. “As a result of this new chapter, our front office is working to find our current roster homes with new teams that are good fits and will help them further their careers, and they will continue to play under the C9 banner until these moves are completed,” the previous announcement said.

Current Cloud9 lineup up for transfer:

-Johnny “⁠JT⁠” Theodosiou
-Aran “⁠Sonic⁠” Groesbeek
-Ricky “⁠floppy⁠” Kemery
-Josh “⁠oSee⁠” Ohm
-Ian “⁠motm⁠” Hardy

-Tiaan “⁠T.c⁠” Coertzen (coach)

No players have been announced as of now but the future of Cloud9 CS:GO certainly just got a lot more interesting.

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