Chinese Chat Service Company TT Shopping for an LPL Team

Yifei Liu, head of esports for Chinese chat service company TT (equivalent to Discord in the West) revealed in an interview with Chinese publication Southern Urban Daily that the company is considering an acquisition of one of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) teams and an LPL franchise slot. 

According to the interview, Liu said the company will officially announce news about this acquisition “soon.”

While the target of this acquisition is unknown, there are signs that Dominus Esports (DMO) is the team TT seeks to buy. DMO is the bottom team of 17 LPL teams in terms of league performance, and it does not have large-scale capital backing it like Jing Dong Gaming (JDG) and Suning Esports (SN), which are supported by Chinese e-commerce giants JingDong and Suning, respectively.

In addition, according to DMO’s official Weibo page, the official mailbox suffix of DMO’s business contact email is, which is the official website address of TT. 

Guangzhou-based TT has shown interest in esports in 2020. In February, the company acquired Honor of Kings team XQ and its King Pro League (KPL) franchise slot. The team rebranded to TTG.XQ with a new logo of a goat and has its own home venue in Guangzhou. In May, TT also became the official chat service partner of the KPL. 

TJ Sports, DMO, or TT have not released an official announcement or public comments at the time of writing. 

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