Chengdu Hunters make player and coaching changes for 2020

The popular Chinese team has announced their finalized roster for the upcoming season of the Overwatch League, alongside the unveiling of a new-look coaching staff in a tweet made earlier today.

Xin “Leave” Huang, an underage pro player that was previously signed as a streamer for the organization has turned 18 and will join the team for the 2020 season. The team has also confirmed the signing of Shao-Hua “ATing” Chen, a signing that had been leaked and made public for some time now. The Hunters also announced that Chengzhi “Molly” He and Jingyi “Lengsa” Chen, both former LGE.HUYA support players have transferred to the Chengdu Hunters.

The addition of Leave in the DPS position is one that will greatly raise the ceiling of this team. Particularly so if a meta arises in which heroes like Widowmaker, Tracer or McCree return to prominence. Leave is a very popular player in China, famous for his time on what was perhaps the best team in Chinese Overwatch history, Miraculous Youngster. This man is a highlight making machine.

The signing of Taiwanese Overwatch World Cup ATing acts as an insurance policy should fan favorite tank player Ding “Ameng” Menghan prove somewhat inflexible again in 2020. Molly and Lengsa have a great synergy together in the backline. Together they helped the Hunters’ academy team to consecutive Chinese Contenders championships and should improve this Chengdu team going forward.

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